Annual report 2020

“Support to economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence in RS”
supported by Kvinna till Kvinna

The project addresses the economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence as a particularly vulnerable category on the territory of entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is targets three aspects, as follows.
Initiating counselling centres for their economic empowerment as a pilot project for the Bijeljinska and Eastern Herzegovinian regions. Providing different services which enable them to build capacities in our beneficiaries on a personal plan (help in writing CV and/or business plan, training for the first interview with an employer and help in recognizing personal competencies) as well as to mediate in employers and institutions with the aim of their (self)employment have
shown as extremely important and beneficial for women victims of domestic violence. The project is implemented in cooperation with the foundation Lara from Bijeljina, and we decided to introduce this activity as a new programme/service of our organizations targeted at victims of domestic violence.

Full Narative Report 2020 can be downloaded HERE.