Results of Organization


  • Our representative, as a member of the Working Group for drafting the new Family Law of the RS, managed to:
    – eliminate mediation in divorce cases due to domestic violence;
    – in the case of sexual abuse by parents, to permanently revoke parental rights and
    – that the Center for Social Work, upon learning about sexual abuse by the child’s parents, is obliged to initiate a non-litigation procedure for the deprivation of parental rights.
  • As partners of the NGO „Civil voice of Montenegro“, we donated a bench for breastfeeding and changing babies to the City of Trebinje
  • A study visit to Calabria (a region in Italy) with which we agreed to cooperate on the transfer of knowledge for the cultivation and processing of figs and olives.


  • “Research on femicide in RS” was conducted for the first time
  • The Economic Counseling Center of our organization and partner organizations have included other vulnerable categories of women in their work – providing support to victims of domestic violence (unemployed women over 40, rural women, women victims of war torture and Roma women) through assistance in recognizing competence, training for first conversation with the employer, help with writing a CV and cover letter, help with making a business plan, mediation with employers…
  • Our representative participated as a member of the working group in writing the new RS Family Law, which is currently before the NARS
  • We have contributed to increasing the visibility and expertise of activists gathered in the field, from the women’s NGO sector and individuals working in the field of domestic violence, in order to be involved in the institutional response to domestic violence in RS. We have also facilitated access to information on domestic violence of importance (such as laws, publications) for victims of domestic violence in the RS thanks to the development of the Platform on our official website
  • We have done “Analysis of the attitudes of professionals on the effectiveness of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence and the Criminal Code of the Republika Srpska“
  • We conducted training for a number of local organizations throughout the RS to assist victims of domestic violence in writing requests for emergency protection and protection measures
  • A significant number of protection subjects from the RS gained new knowledge and skills in the field of domestic violence, especially in collecting and documenting of these acts and providing better protection for the victims themselves.


  • An informal network of 13 organizations was created to provide support to victims of domestic violence through the SOS application (designed and created by our organization) and a Cooperation Agreement was signed. The organizations that provide services through the SOS application that make up this network are: Foundation „Ženski Centar“ Trebinje, Foundation ,,Lara“ from Bijeljina, Association of Citizens ,,Budućnost“ from Modriča, „Ženski interaktivni ruralni centar“ from Istočnog Sarajeva, Women’s Association „Maja“ Kravica- Bratunac, ,,Inicijativa građanki/na Mostar“, Association of Social Workers SBK/KSB Travnik, Women’s Association „LI-Woman“ from Livno, Local Democracy Foundation Sarajevo, Association „Žene sa Une“ from Bihać, Foundation „Udružene žene“ Banja Luka, Association of Citizens „Vive Žene“ Tuzla and „Centar ženskih prava“ from Zenica.
  • Through monitoring the work of the police in RS, the Institute of “Person of trust” was recognized and introduced as a pilot project in RS (in Bijeljina (holder of the Lara initiative) and Eastern Herzegovina (as a partner Women’s Center Trebinje) in 2017), which is certainly the biggest result of this activity, especially since it was introduced into the legislative framework of RS from 01.05.2020. because it has proven to be a good form of support for victims of domestic violence.
  • With educational workshops as well as with the cooperative itself, we are spreading interest in East Herzegovina for growing figs, especially organic figs in order to further increase the household budget.


  • Establishment of the counseling centre for achievement of the Government incentives through counseling, training and development of business plans for women victims of domestic violence, women from rural regions and unemployed middle-aged women and the synchronization of the existing incentives in RS. This was the pilot project which proved to be successful and we have continued it this year.
  • A fig as a culture was for the first time included in the RS Capital investments for 2020-document of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic Srpska.


  • For the first time, women victims of domestic violence were included in the ”Program of employment for RS for 2018” as a vulnerable category, according to whose employment, an employer could withdraw 4,000 BAM of non-repayable funds per person.


  • For the first time, women victims of domestic violence were included in the ”Program of self-employment for RS for 2017” as a vulnerable category enabling them to apply for 5,000 BAM of non-repayable funds for self-employment.


  • The first women’s cooperative was established in Herzegovina, an agricultural cooperative ”Smokcica”, Corp. Trebinje for 8 of our beneficiaries – women victims of domestic violence.
  • We signed the Platform of mutual activities of multi-disciplinary team for combating domestic violence in Eastern Herzegovina with 63 institutions as continuation of previous Agreements on cooperation and individual protocols.


  • 120 women from rural regions from Eastern Herzegovina and 35 women victims of domestic violence acquired new skills and knowledge to create a business plan and project.
  • Completed study of the study “Legal regulations regarding treatment of victims of domestic violence in the Republic of Srpska” in partnership with the organisation “Lara” Bijeljina.


  • We opened an ETNO ROOM
  • The Gacko municipality introduced a new budget line for 2014 for non-repayable grant of funds for women victims of domestic violence with the aim of their economic empowerment.


  • Our Director has been delegated by the American Embassy to BH for their competition on the global level as the bravest woman in BH who achieved most significant changes in the local community for the 2011 year
  • We lobbied in the entity Law on protection from domestic violence in the Republic of Srpska for extended possibility of stay for women victims of domestic violence in safe houses from the previous 3 months with possible extension to 6 months to 6 months with possible extension for another 6 months.
  • We introduced in one Eastern Herzegovina municipality a new budget line in the municipal budget intended solely for women victims of domestic violence. These are non-refundable funds for creation of her self-employment (aimed as economic empowerment of women victims of domestic violence).


  • A brochure for women in Eastern Herzegovina has been prepared (domestic violence, economy and health care)
  • 290 rural women in Eastern Herzegovina educated on the importance of health care


  • Berkovici municipality gave a plot of land for realization of safe house
  • Research that had proved the justified need for the safe house in East Herzegovina


  • Developing the multidisciplinary approach for prevention of domestic violence in East Herzegovina
  • Our NGO initiated and signed the “Agreement of co-operation” aimed at creating an organised structure to combat domestic violence and offer more appropriate support to the victims. Signatories included: the Centre of Public Safety, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Centre for social welfare, the Out-patient clinic, Municipal authority, Office of the Public Prosecutor, media (including the TV departments in Trebinje), all primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens and the Red Cross in all six Municipality in East Herzegovina (Trebinje, Berkovići, Nevesinje, Bileća, Gacko and Ljubinje) 63 of them . Through this cooperation we succeeded to include mentioned participants, so we provided stronger cooperation among Police, Centre for social work and our organisation. All that resulted in their strong sensibility for these problems, and victims of domestic violence gained their confidence in institutions and encouraged themselves to ask these institutions for support and help. Before, they looked at the Law orders only what they should do, but they did not look what was not forbidden for them to do for the benefit of the victim. With the Health Centre closed cooperation was accomplished and network was made especially with the Emergency medical help Service and Children’s ambulance. At our initiative we provided ultrasound with vaginal sound for the Health Centre and provided free of charge gynaecological and ultrasound checkups for the victims of domestic violence. When we were on a study trip in Sweden we brought drawings of women and men, girls and boys on which it can be circled place of injury and it is issued with the list of injuries with the aim to contribute to the visibility of injury. In our legislation valid photograph of injury is taken just from the authorised photograph agency, that actually prevents victim to photograph the injury with the aim of completing the documentation for violence, because of the shame or fear of a bully who will find out that and stopped her to bring criminal charges against him Priority action concerning files of domestic violence was agreed with the Prosecutor’s Office. Monthly education of pupils concerning violence over women, so as close cooperation with our organisation was agreed with primary and secondary schools. With nursery schools we made an arrangement that all nursery schools including private nursery schools can take two children from families with domestic violence and to enable them free services. We also made an agreement with mass media to have more programs and shows about these subjects to fight against imposed stereotypes and to contribute in breaking stereotypes and forming public opinion in sensible way about this problem. And at the end we arranged close cooperation with the Red Cross through their programs of support to vulnerable categories of domestic violence victims.
  • Building up the capacities of 90 professionals in East Herzegovina from the domain of domestic violence
  • Running a day care center for work with children facing multiple problems
  • Medieval market established


  • A branch office has been opened in Bileca for the victims of domestic violence.
  • We initiated the provision of an Ultra sound with a vaginal sound for the Health Home in Trebinje and our beneficiaries will have gratis gynaecological and ultrasound check-ups.
  • We provided resources for the excursion for 15 poorest students of final classes in primary schools.
  • We participated and still participate in the provision of material and financial resources as a kind of humanitarian support for the most jeopardised categories.
  • Contribution to empowerment of female politicians in Electoral unit 6


  • Our NGO established an official “SOS help line” for victims of domestic violence, call on number 059/1264 and on our initiative this is the unique four cipher number for the entire Republic of Srpska and for all SOS lines (1264).
  • Our members actively participated in working groups for developing programs for: protection of children from violence on the state level, establishing minimum standards for admission areas facilitating victims of trafficking on the state level and the adoption of the RS Law on gender equality.
  • Our NGO initiated and signed the “Memorandum of co-operation” aimed at creating an organised structure to combat domestic violence and offer more appropriate support to the victims. Signatories included: the Centre of Public Safety, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Centre for social welfare, the Out-patient clinic, Trebinje Municipal authority, Office of the Public Prosecutor, media (including the TV departments in Trebinje), all primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens and the Red Cross.
  • We started the initiative for cross-border co-operation between the regions of Dubrovnik County, Boka Kotorska Channel and Eastern Herzegovina through a one-day conference, which will be organised, on that topic in October 2005 in Trebinje.
  • Provision of free-of-charge legal aid and representation in the court for victims of domestic violence
  • Provision of advice and education in the field of health, in the first place women’s reproductive health.


  • Organisation of various educational courses in the fields of economy, public life, human trafficking, domestic violence, reproductive health, legal rights from the area of social protection, women’s human rights with focus on the Law on gender equality and children’s rights. These courses were attended by approximately 10.000 women, children and young people from the entire region of Eastern Herzegovina.
  • Our NGO provided equipment for the Youth centre in Petrovo Polje, located in the outskirts of Trebinje.
  • We initiated amendments to the Law on travel documents benefiting the custodian parent to obtain travel documents for their children.
  • Celebration of the Europe’s Day as a traditional habit (our organisation already organised twice the Celebration of the Europe’s Day in Trebinje and there were many high guests, representatives of Embassies, international organisations and the Ambassador of the EU in BH, Mr. Michael Humphreys who opened this Celebration).
  • We are one of 20 NGOs from the entire BH who signed the Memorandum about understanding with the Management board of the Gender Project BH (the Management board consists of: the Ministry for human rights and refugees BH, Agency for gender equality BH, Gender Centre of Republic of Srpska, Gender Centre of Federation of BH and Gender Project UNDP BH) with the goal to implement the Law about gender equality.
  • RS Government granted us an amount of 70000 BAM for realisation of the Safe house, hence we bought the plot of land and an old facility in Trebinje


  • Our furniture production project was adopted and included in the regional and municipal strategy as a novel production branch in this municipality and we educated in upholstering 18 women victims of domestic violence.
  • Provision of individual and group work with victims to domestic violence through of offering of psycho-social support


  • The establishment of a “Centre for women” where women are provided with advice regarding any type of discrimination with emphasis on domestic violence and are offered help and support from a psycho-social team, a doctor (providing counselling one a week) and a lawyer (providing charge-free legal aid and court representation for victims of domestic violence)
  • We published a research brochure entitled: “Domestic violence in municipality Trebinje”, which contributed to the breaking of this “taboo” in the local community and based on its presented results women and children, victims of domestic violence, were included in the Social Development plan.
  • We managed to introduce the categories of women and children, victims of domestic violence, for the first time ever, as primary categories in the “Municipal Social Development plan for social protection in Trebinje 2003-2005”.
  • We established a regional “Creative centre for children, victims of domestic violence” in Trebinje, containing four activity sections: photography, music, acting and painting.