Annual Report 2008


Project locality: MUNICIPALITY TREBINJE – 30. and 31. October, 2008

On the 30. and 31. October, 2008 our organization organized in Trebinje the international conference “Theory and practice of the legislation in BH” that gathered a number of participants representatives of various institutions/organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and wider. The Conference analysed the current situation of the existing legislation and compared the results from the field that concern children and women’s human rights.

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Annual Report 2007


supported by Kvinna till Kvinna

The main goal of the project is an equal distribution of power among men and women or the implementation of the Law on gender equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The implementation of this Law provides an essential change in the BH society brought about through legal changes and amendments, gender budgets, programmatic changes in the literature, schoolbooks and the media, various processes that will have a gender sensitive and equal treatment of all activities, programmes, appearances and provide in this way an equal distribution of power among men and women in BH.

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Annual Report 2006


supported by Kvinna till Kvinna

In the period from the 01st of January to the 31st of December this year and within the project “Independent woman II” we continued the main activities from the previous year, which are psycho-social support, health education within the activity “Doctor on Monday” and free-of-charge legal aid and representation in the court.

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Annual Report 2005


Since its establishment, domestic violence has been the focus of the work of NGO "Women's center".  Accordingly, most of the activities were turned to this direction and the result is increasing reports of domestic violence in Trebinje municipality, as a consequence of the encouragement of the victim and return of trust into Institutions with support and assistance of our organization. 

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Annual Report 2004


supported by Star World Learning, project BATCOM – ZONTA International Foundation

The aim of this Project was to raise the awareness of young people, 13 – 18 age, about the trafficking issues in a preventative way. 18 interactive workshops were attended by 251 students from all three secondary schools and 492 students from all three primary schools in Trebinje. This makes total of 743 young people.

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Annual Report 2003

Women’s centre accomplished a lot in 2003. We completed the research project on domestic violence, which was supported by DFID and published in a brochure “Domestic violence in Trebinje municipality”. Within this research, we made recommendations for Action plan. Our presence in media was also significant; we participated in local radio shows, as well as in shows on national TV.

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Annual Report 2002

The Association for helping children and women victims of domestic violence, Women’s Centre was legally registered on 22 April 2002. This Association was founded on the initiative of 20 citizens who believe that domestic violence is a social problem, and as such it is not socially recognized enough.

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