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supported by OAK Foundation

Three-year general support that the OAK Foundation provided to our organization is of key importance for the work and development of our organization and for the general benefit of the society (regarding women, particularly from vulnerable categories) within the local community and on the entity, state and regional level.

Our organization has a three-year plan and program. During the first year and owing the support of the OAK Foundation, we were able to accomplish numerous results and participate on a number of seminars, meetings and educations, which contributes to the development of our capacities.

Objective 1.Support to victims of domestic violence through a number of direct services.

- The prosecution in RS is divided into 5 units and in the unit in which we provide free legal aid and representation in court, the court pronounced more temporary measures for protection of victims of domestic violence that in all four other units.

-Support provided through the SOS help line and by in person arrivals in the counselling for 89 victims of domestic violence .

- Cooperation with institutions on a very high level, which serves as an example of good practice in the region and wider, including the Town of Trebinje that included in the budget for 2014 funds for purchase of land for construction of a Safe House.

Objective 2. Promotion of economic empowerment of socially vulnerable women.

- Owing the support of the Town of Trebinje, we obtained for free usage a public area size 500 m² to implement the Medieval Market Place every Saturday from May to September. Around 30 persons benefited from this (9 women victims of domestic violence and 22 persons living in poverty) - from various vocations and making various handicrafts. Medieval Market Place became a recognizable tourist brand and a number of media in the country and abroad reported about it. It is also a tourist attraction of the Town that has been included in the supply of tourist agencies.

- Women from vulnerable categories received the chance to increase their budgets through implementation of the Ethno Room .

- On the local level, municipality Gacko introduced in their budget for 2014 non-refundable fund for women victims of domestic violence while the Town of Trebinje included this activity into its Municipal Gender Action Plan for the period 2014/2016. On the Entity level, our proposals will be discussed in the first quarter of 2014 by the Counselling Board within the RS Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports and in accordance with the decision of RS Government.

- Five women victims of domestic violence trained in making business plans in Berkovici. On the basis of this training, one of them received non-refundable funds that this municipality included into its budget.

Objective 3. Conduction of research, monitoring and lobbying for improvement of women’s position in the society and adoption and implementation of laws that protect women’s rights, particularly women victims of domestic violence.

- Established communication with the Safe Network (we expect their invitation for a meeting) and a number of other women's NGOs and successful women from the media, economy and governing positions, so that they can fight for a better status of women on all levels

Objective 4. Strengthening the sustainability of Zenski centar Trebinje through external fund raising, creation of local sources of income and support to the wellbeing of employees and other relevant stakeholders.

- Thirty professionals from Eastern Herzegovina (police officers, social workers and our organization) participated in a high quality training entitled “Burning out of professionals"

Though some of our listed activities were supported by other donors through specific projects, we cannot exclude the impact of the OAK Foundation because their form of support through general funding enabled us to react in situations where we did not have sufficient funds for a specific project or where we recognize during implementation that it is necessary to conduct additional unforeseen project activities in order to achieve some of the listed goals. In these cases, we were able to react owing the support of the OAK Foundation. Owing multiple-year support, we were able to develop the most successful example of multidisciplinary approach to combat domestic and other forms of violence on women and girls, which can be best seen in the summing up of results in municipality Trebinje in the bellow report during the action "16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM".