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supported by FIRMA project

The main goal of this project is the reduction of poverty through development of a new cultural and tourist brand in municipality Trebinje.

Through the development of a medieval market place in form of revival of traditional medieval life and development of medieval market place as a traditional manifestation, we wanted to contribute to the popularization and linking of the culture and tourist sectors and to the economic empowerment of vulnerable categories in municipality Trebinje. On one side, the attractiveness of a market place exhibited in this way attracted tourists and other citizens and admirers of culture. On the other side, the local population as well as institutions recognized the importance of preserving non-material cultural inheritance and the possibilities that are being offered through its popularization, particularly in terms of development of tourism and provision of material profit for its suppliers.

The project had three objectives:

Objective 1: Increasing of capacities for self-employment of people from vulnerable groups (Roma, women victims of domestic violence and children with special needs) and members of the newly founded horse-riding club “Vranac” in municipality Trebinje.

Objective 2: Development of new tourist product – medieval market place and valorization of old vocations in municipality Trebinje.

Objective 3: Establishment of links with the market and marketing for the newly created product – medieval market place and the locality itself in Trebinje

Results of this project include:

  • Contribution to the valorization of old vocations that are at risk from disappearing in municipality Trebinje and creation of an additional source of income for vulnerable categories: women victims of domestic violence, rural women, children with special needs, disabled, refugees and Roma

  • A new tourist product had been developed in municipality Trebinje – medieval market place

  • Increased income in the identified chain of value during the project year in municipality Trebinje.