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In the desire to give additional value and importance to this project, we decided to organise the manifestation "Portrait of medieval life" together and on the same date as the Europe Day Celebration – 13th and 14th of May, 2009.

The two-day manifestation was organised on the 13th and 14th of May 2009 with presentation of following participants: TD Sokol and Tabor from Slovenia, St. Longinus – Hungarians from Senta, Svibor from Serbia and our newly founded knight association "Knights from Travunija" with their game-plays, sports and knight skills from that time period reflecting in this way the way of living and the country from which they are coming.

In the frame of this manifestation there were representatives of the EU Delegation to BH, representatives of OHR Mostar, representatives of UNDP from Sarajevo, representatives of OSCE from Trebinje and representatives of local authorities. We received numerous letters of support including the RS Prime minister, President of RS, President of the RS National Assembly and members of the RS National Assembly. The manifestation was covered by various media such as RTRS, Herceg TV, ATV, BN TV, Radio BH, Radio RTRS, Glas Trebinja, Blic, Nezavisne novine, Onasa as well as the web portals Trebinje danas, and This event caused obviously a great media attention and attracted many citizens since there was a large number of children from primary and secondary schools who attended this manifestation.

In the forthcoming period, we want to provide, through presentation of medieval market places, a strong support and stimulate women and other individuals and associations to influence, through revival and affirmation of old vocations, the increase of their home budgets and the development of a new tourist offer. This means that our organisation will a medieval market place – within the Old Town walls with tents, knights and presentation of pottery with participation of individuals and associations from Trebinje,Ljubinje, Berkovići, Bileća, Blagaj and Stolac. We will contribute, in this way, to the stimulation and affirmation of old vocations.

The objectives of the Project are almost entirely fulfilled because the mapping of all medieval localities in municipalities Trebinje, Stolac and Blagaj has been accomplished. We also initiated the development of manifestation tourism in Trebinje through the initiative for the foundation of the association "Knights from Travunija" for which we have appropriate equipment and costumes to a large extent and through the organisation of a two-day manifestation in the medieval spirit.

The local community had a multiple benefit from so far undertaken activities:

  • A positive picture in the media that went to the world about the medieval manifestation and about Trebinje as a town that has something to offer in this sense.

  • It has been demonstrated that Trebinje and Bosnia and Herzegovina have the capability to become part of Europe because they have a culture and tradition similar to other European nations (this was the reason why we joined this manifestation to the already traditional celebration of Europe Day organised by our organisation).

  • The local entrepreneurs (caterers, shopping centres etc.) also benefited from the manifestation because we contributed to their trade, in other words, to an increased usage of their services and products.

The benefits for the participants of the manifestation can be seen through:

  • affirmation of old vocations;

  • financial benefit through selling their products and services;

  • valorisation and affirmation of cultural heritage from the Middle Age in the regions to which the participants belong;

  • media coverage;

  • sharing the knowledge with other interested actors.

Describe long term benefits:

  • A new tourist brand has been created through the introduction of manifestation medieval revival that will from now on, be included in other events, particularly during the summer period. This gives the municipality Trebinje a new idea towards the development of tourism, which is one of the strategic goals in our municipality.

  • The interest of the population for the development of old vocations (particularly handicrafts and pottery) has been increased.

  • Creation of new income sources through development of manifestation tourism and revival of old vocations.

  • Valorisation of medieval localities in Trebinje, Blagaj and Stolac as well as their inclusion into tourist offer of these municipalities.

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