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The two-day Conference has been organized on the 8th and 9th of December in hotel "Viv" Trebinje. Thematically, it was divided on domestic violence and trafficking. Apart from the introductor from our organization, introductory words and presentations of their researches were given by representatives from NGO "Lara" from Bijeljina (trafficking) and representatives from the OSC Office in Mostar (domestic violence). After the presentation of various experiences and difficulties as well as the review of the forwarded research of case studies in Great Britain, following conclusions were made:

  1. It is urgent to make amendments on the RS Family Law, article 106 – add in the paragraph that in case of sexual abuse the parental responsibility cannot be obtained again.

  2. It is necessary to establish funds for domestic victims of trafficking and domestic violence (enclosed you can find the proposal for guarantee funds and funds of risk capital as well as encouragement for private business owners to employ this category). The proposed guarantee funds and funds of risk capital are reel forms that would enable self-employment of women victims of domestic violence, provided that we come across understanding in governing structures.

  3. There is a need to increase significantly placement capacities for victims of violence (domestic and trafficking) on the level of BH as a whole.

  4. It is necessary to conduct a research in the police (number of reported cases), prosecutor’s office and courts including the level of punishment and other measures as well as number of those that are executed on the level of entities and BH. This is the only way to obtain a clear and precise insight into the situation in the field and the efficiency of the entire judiciary system in relation to these issues.

  5. An initiative with the RS Association of municipalities and towns is necessary to find a joint way for the establishment of funds for victims of domestic violence within municipalities.

Results of this project include:

  • Introduction of the research that has been prepared by the London-based lawyers’ office "Dewey & LeBouef" as pro-bono support to representatives of relevant institutions and women’s NGOs in BH.

  • Taking over examples of good practice, which can be applied in our legislation

  • Spotting "lessons learned" that can be avoided

  • Elaboration of directives for a more efficient legislation that concerns women and children’s human rights in BH

  • A joint action aimed as contribution to the reduction of poverty in BH, namely, adoption of programs of support and stimulation of private sector to employ victims of domestic violence and contribute, in this way, to the reduction of poverty towards relevant institutions in BH.