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supported by OAK Foundation

This project is intended for the development of capacities of our organization and the whole region of Eastern Herzegovina aimed at development of a multidisciplinary approach to combat domestic violence, which is supported by the OAK Foundation. The project encompasses all municipalities of Eastern Herzegovina (Trebinje, Ljubinje, Gacko, Nevesinje, Bileća and Berkovići).

Objective 1. Specialized training for members of our Association (ToT) through training of women victims of domestic violence who overcame their problem and their recruitment in the Women’s centre with the goal to extend the mobile team for support to women victims of domestic violence.

Through the purchase of additional equipment (running tape, computers, camera, projector with supplements, photo camera and program for data base) we created optimal conditions for work of members of the Women’s centre. Training for ten women who were victims of domestic violence using the ToT method and introduction of legal regulations in RS and BH that concern domestic violence to them enabled us to enrich our organization with a new team and with new supporters for women and children victims of domestic violence. Each of them received summed up materials from the fifteen days of training (three times x five days) and through the final joint weekend..

Objective 2. Women victim of domestic violence have got trust, understanding and hope that have been provided by another women that were also victims of violence but successfully overcame their problems.

During the reporting period, 74 women attended groups for self support, divided in eight groups. On every week day one group organized their meeting, so that every group gathered once a week. We noticed significant progress of women victims of domestic violence because they recognized that there are always at least two solutions that they do not see in that moment and that they have to take the responsibility for their life and the life of their children in their own hands and not let the violator to manipulate with them. This way of work proved as very successful. In this way, we also came to some information that helped us to find solutions for these problems.

Objective 3.Networking of governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations with the goal to provide more appropriate support and help for victims of domestic violence on the Eastern Herzegovina level.

During the reporting period, we organized meetings with representatives from Municipalities, police, centres for social work, health centres, Red Cross, non-governmental organizations working in some segments of human rights, local media, all nurseries and primary and secondary schools in Necesinje, Gacko, Ljubinje, Bileca and Berkovici, which resulted in signing of agreements on cooperation and individual protocols. Thus, 62 governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations signed with our organization a multidisciplinary approach to combat domestic violence in Eastern Herzegovina. In this way, we completed the entire region and the starting point were the previously signed Agreement on cooperation and individual protocols in municipality Trebinje, whereby the Centre for Public safety and the Public Prosecutor’s Office have a regional character since they cover the entire region of Eastern Herzegovina. This was also published in the brochure that has been distributed in every municipality (each municipality 1000 samples and totally 6000 samples) but also through TV appearances on the national television in one of the best times on TV – the Morning program of RTRS (see