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supported by EU in BH, Ministry of Civil Affairs BH and Ministry of Education andCulture in the RS

The NGO Women’s Centre Trebinje organised, traditionally, a two-day manifestation in Trebinje with the support from the Commission of the European Union to BH and the Ministry of education and culture in the RS Government. The main manifestation was on the first day, the 10th of May 2007. The manifestation was opened by the Deputy Chief of the Delegation of the European Commission to BH, Mr. Marc Van Brabant and after that welcoming speeches were held by the Bishop Zahumsko Hercegovački and Primorski, Mr. Grigorije, the Vice-President of the RS Government and the Minister of education and culture in the RS Government, Mr. Anton Kasipović, the Mayor of Municipality Trebinje, Mr. Dobroslav Ćuk and the Director of the NGO “Women’s Centre” Trebinje, Mrs. Ljiljana Čičković. The Europe’s Day celebration had the coverage of numerous media representatives who followed the whole content of the celebration such as RT RS, BHT1, Pink, Hayat, Crnogorska I (Montenegro I), Crnogorska II (Montenegro II), Gastro Art and the Tourist World from Serbia, Tourism plus from Croatia and many others. Many important guests from the country and from abroad participated on this celebration, some of them are: the Ambassador of Slovenia in BH, the General Consul of Serbia in BH, the Deputy Ambassador of Croatia in BH, the Regional co-ordinator for Southeast Europe from the Embassy of Denmark in BH, Delegates from the House of Nations of the Parliamentary Assembly of BH, Ministers from the RS National Assembly, Charge d’affaires and the Chief of the Ambassador’s Cabinet in the Embassy of Spain in BH, the Honorary Consul of Spain in BH, the Second Advisor of the Embassy of Hungary in BH, the Advisor of Commerce of the Embassy of Hungary in BH, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the BH Parliamentary Assembly, the First Deputy of the House of Representatives of the BH Parliamentary Assembly, the Mayor of Municipality Tivat, the Assistant of the RS Minister for Commerce and Tourism, the Chief of the Regional OHR Office in Mostar, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce of Norway and Sweden in BH, the Vice-President of the Metropolis Cetinje, municipal representatives from the Eastern Herzegovina region, the General Manager from the Metropolis Cetinje, the Director of the motel Glava Zete from Montenegro, the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Herceg Novi, the Director of the Italian Co-operation in Sarajevo, OSCE representatives – offices in Mostar and Trebinje, representative from the Tourist organisation from Tivat, representatives of EUPM from Trebinje, representatives of the LOT Brigade from Trebinje, the Director of the Chamber of Economy of Serbia in BH, the Main Priest of the Islamic Community Trebinje, representatives of the RS Chamber of Economy, the President of the RS Kayak Club, representatives from political parties - municipal committees in the Eastern Herzegovina region, Delegate of the BH House of Nations, the Director of EFCO in BH, as well as representatives of various institutions and organisations from Eastern Herzegovina.

The whole programme was realised according to the plan with a great support from all guests who welcomed these activities. Guests from neighbouring countries expressed their will to continue the already started cross-border co-operation. It was not only media representatives and honoured guests who came from the neighbouring countries but also participants of the programme. We had participants from Montenegro who participated in the “Gastro show – Trebinje 2007” and on the Round table but also in the tasting of food and drinks and as street dancers. Beside this, we had also other guests – successful people from Trebinje who live in Serbia (the sculptor – Mišel Vukasović and the painter Predrag Popara) and the world painter Muratif Ćerimagić Zelo who lives and works in Germany. This was the first time after the war that he came here to exhibit his works. We have to stress the importance of the presence of numerous honoured guests but particularly of representatives from neighbouring countries (Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro) because this is very important for the development of cross-border co-operation whereon our organisation is working for already several years. Their presence is also important regarding the fitting of the tourism component – the gastro culture in order to contribute to the visibility of development possibilities of this region to influence directly the reduce of poverty and the development of economy. Finally, the basic human rights are the freedom of movement (in our case this is the contribution to the stability in the region through the development of inter human relations and cross-border co-operation) and the right to work (creation of pre-conditions for the development of tourism and promotion of cultural heritage).

There have been 15 different activities that were organised in these three days whereon participated more then 500 participants from the entire BH but also from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro – professionals and amateurs.

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