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supported by CNF-CEE andHungarian Embassy in BH

First of all the adaptation of the premises is to be done by this project. These premises were given to us by Trebinje Municipality for use over the period of 10 years. These will be used for the Children’s creative center, age group from 6 to 15, with different sections. It is necessary to adopt the place inside completely and it is necessary to replace the roof construction. The creative center will have five sectors: acting, journalist, music, photo, and art sector. It will also organize different exhibitions, fashion shows, knowledge quizzes, concerts and performances in Eastern Herzegovina. All activities are free of charge for children and youth. Beside these sectors there will be distribution of promotional materials and children newspaper, the project will have interactive workshops which include education on the problems of the young, TV and media shows, promotion and development of voluntary work in the local community.

  1. Aim of the project:

The main goal of the Project is to enable a positive growing up for children aged from 6 to 18 and the building of their sensibilisation for socially vulnerable categories (victims of domestic violence, trafficking, poor, minorities etc.) as well as the development of their creativity and their critical responsibility on democratic principles in the region of Eastern Herzegovina.

  1. Target group (brief description):

The Creative centre for children gathers primary children victims of domestic violence but it is open for all other children aged from 6 to 15 with the goal of their socialisation. This Centre enables children victims of domestic violence to direct their interests towards creative activities strengthening at the same time their personalities In this way they are getting rid of the label “problematic” children and we can show them that they are worth of respect and that life has another beautiful side and not only the dark one that is part of their every-day life. This new method of work proved to be as very successful because we are fulfilling their needs for company and the escape from the terrible reality. We want to transfer this wider on the local community as an example of good practice.

  1. Specific objectives:

  • Bringing into functional condition the building intended for the work of the Creative centre for children

  • Strengthening and development of personality capacities of children victims of domestic violence through the development of their creativity in order to overcome personal traumas and socialise with other children within the Creative centre for children.

  • To form responsible, democratic and open generations that think critically taking on the full responsibility for their actions and their lives.

  • To remove the children from the street and to provide access to information with the goal to fight against addiction diseases, trafficking and other occurrences.