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To economically strengthen women, a project dubbed: "Cross border tourist cooperation", was implemented.

Being a female organization, which fights for economic empowerment of women, through active engagement in developing tourism in BiH, we wished to contribute to revitalization of women through tourism. On October 13th, 2005, a Conference on tourist cross-border cooperation between the Dubrovnik- Neretva County, municipalities of the Boka-Kotor Bay and East Herzegovina, under the auspices of CEI and EU in BiH, was held in Trebinje. 

The Conference was inaugurated by the Head of Delegation of the European Commission in BiH, Mr. Michael Humphreys , while special guests included representatives of embassies of the Republics of Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro, Consulate of the Republic of Croatia, OHR, Agency for economic development REDAH and the RS Trade Chamber.  Active participants of the Conference included representatives of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, municipalities and tourist agencies/associations of Tivat, Herceg Novi, Kotor (SCG), Trebinje, Bileca, ljubinje, Berkovici and representatives of NGOs from Nevesinje.  I wish to emphasize that this was the first official meeting, which was held in East Herzegovina between the three regions following the last war, which adds additional value to this Conference due to the development of relationships in the region.  The goal of the Conference was the development of cross-border cooperation at all levels, and within this context, improvement of the status of women in the region, which our Organization in particular, was engaged in.  A multimedia CD presentation of Trebinje was prepared for this Conference, entitled: "Trebinje, a Mediterranean town", in Serb and English, which was evaluated as the best promotional material produced so far, for the municipality.  Except for the CD, we prepared promotional mini catalogues of all 6 East Herzegovina municipalities, which were distributed to  participants of this event.

Conclusions from this Conference were forwarded to all relevant international and national actors in Bosnia and Herzegovina, republic of Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro.

The aforementioned events were not the only activities carried out in the field of cross-border cooperation between municipalities of Trebinje and Dubrovnik.  Namely, our Organization organized, for two consecutive years,  celebration ofEurope Day in Trebinje which was supported by EU in BiH.  The manifestation was inaugurated by the Head of delegation of the European Commission and attended by representatives of Embassies of Serbia and Montenegro, Republic of Croatia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain as well as other numerous officials from international and domestic organizations and institutions (Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, JICA, Kvinna till Kvinna, Star Network of Worl Learning, OHR, OSCE, EUPM, EUFOR, and others).  On this occasion, an international youth judo sport competition was organized, with participation of a club from Dubrovnik.

We consider that our activities conducted so far, presented this region well and contributed to its promotion and established basis for further negotiations on tourist and other aspects of cross-border cooperation between East Herzegovina, Bay of Boka and Kotor and the Dubrovnik and Neretva County.

With the aim of contributing to the economic empowerment of women, during 2005 we participated in two seminars, organized by the NGO Solidarity for the South, including:

  • February 24th, 2005 in Trebinje, on the topic: "Introduction of international management standards as a precondition of economic development of Herzegovina";

  • October 14th, 2005 in Trebinje, "Development of the quality structure and application of international standards in small and medium enterprises".