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The creative center for children works within the Women’s center. In 2005 significant results were achieved although conditions were poor, thus work was done mostly on a voluntary basis. The Creative center was founded owing to assistance from the Canadian Embassy, which enabled the procurement of equipment and furniture. The Creative center offers five sections: acting, reporter’s, photography, art and music and was intended for children, victims of domestic violence but it is rendered available for all children from 6 to 15 years of age with the aim of their socialization.

In 2005 two double issues of Children’s amateur journal were published, prepared, arranged and printed by the children themselves. The journals were published in an edition of 300 samples, owing to the lack of financial support, which were distributed in three Primary schools in Trebinje, 100 samples per school. The acting section, with financial assistance from UMCOR, prepared a children’s costume performance entitled: “Will the lady eater begin to like ice cream?”, presented in all East Herzegovina municipalities and which was performed 9 times during this year. The show was presented in the Youth center in Petrovo Polje. Along with artistic and creative work from the art section, children from this Center presented their work on several occasions during street manifestations in our town.

The Creative center numbers approximately 100 children, of which approx. 30 are victims of domestic violence. It’s work is of great significance because it helps children, victims of domestic violence to properly channel their feelings of love and hate through creative activities, discover and develop, consequently build their self-confidence, directly strengthen their personalities and overcome their traumas. Also, in this way the “bad child” label is stripped off them, since it is expected that they continue living in the “circle of violence” and to turn to the world of criminality.